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2004 996 Very Low Oil Consumption


Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 16800;

I know I just might be very lucky, but, here goes.I bought this 2004 996 Tiptronic (my first) Porsche in March 2006. The finished production date was 1/16/04. It was delivered from a Porsche dealer as a new car with 70 miles on it. I considered it a good find because it has a full new car warranty.I have had the oil and filter changed by a Porsche dealer (different one each time) at 4150 miles (Mobil 5W40 Synthetic) and 13970 miles (Mobil 0W40 Synthetic).In the past two years I have regularly checked the oil level, both electronically after every fuel fill-up on level ground and using the dipstick (while engine is completely cold and also 30 - 60 minutes after use) while on level ground. Porsche technicians confirmed the oil level as good at 4150 miles and 13970 miles. Current mileage is 16800 and I have needed to add a total of only one (1) quart of Mobil 0W40 Synthetic in 16800 miles.I do not believe that I baby the engine, nor do I beat it to death.Please comment on this very low oil consumption. I appreciate your endless dedication. Thank you.

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