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2004 C4S engine mounts


Model: Carrera C4S, Year:2004, Mileage:42,000, Type of use:Street use onlySo I just got this car Jun 16 with 41,529 miles . Drove it home to Baltimore from Charlotte, NC. Went to a Tech talk and also took it to VA for a tour with the nice folks at the Shenandoah Chapter - that was fun. I have been noticing that the exhaust tips keep getting lower and lower every time I drive it. Just measured them and the top of the right exhaust tip is sitting 1 5/8" from the body and the left is just about the same (maybe just over 1 1/2"). I know this was not the case when I first got the car and I believe proper clearance is about 1/2" (or less). With 42,692 miles on it now - do I need motor mounts or could it be something else going wrong? (I have pics ready if desired) ---------------------------------------Hi Joel, just wanted to let you know that the reason why the exhaust tips are hanging so low is because - somehow - the motor mounts main bolts are really loose. I couldn't sleep last night (due to an unrelated shoulder injury) so at 3 am I was under the car checking the mounts and was able to see the engine bracket at least 1/2" away from the mount. Not sure why this is happening but there you have it. Sorry for the false alarm..... Well, I was alarmed.

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