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2004 GT3 Follow-up on Track Wheels/Tires [correction- only some, not all] run spacers

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 1100;

I have done some additional research and would like to ask you a few more questions regarding the wheels and tires I plan on using on my 2004 GT3 for track days. I read your replies to another GT3 owner regarding 3 piece BBS wheels and spoke to Bob Woodman, from whom I bought my set of wheels.The wheels I have been using on my previous car (2003 996 with non-M030 suspension) are:Wheel centers - BBS 8040 18 inch Fronts - 1" outer 5mm with 7" inner 5mmRears - 1.5" outer 5mm with 8.5" inner 4mm.Tires I was using were Hoosier:Front - 245/35/18 or 245/40/18Rear - 305/30/18.My questions are:1) What are the differences between the 8040 wheel centers and the 8291 centers you recommend? Will the 8040 centers fit the GT3 (i.e. any issues with clearing the calipers)?2) Will the offsets of my current track tires be acceptable for use on the GT3 (offsets on the GT3 are 40 in front and 63 in the rear)? Do I need to use spacers ( I have four 7mm spacers available with long studs).3) Regarding tire sizes, I spoke to Bob Woodman and he recommended using the Hoosier 245/35/18 in the front and 275/35/18 in the rear. Is the 245/35 or 245/40 a better match for the 275/35? He advised against the 285s on the rear of 996s due to many reported failures and warnings from Hoosier. There seems to be an issue regarding load rating and sidewall strength. As you have mentioned elsewhere, the 305s will not fit on the rear. A friend of mine used my wheels with the 305s on a 2001 turbo and had some major rubbing on the inner liner. Would the Michelin or Pirelli competition tires fit on the GT3 with these rims (stock size 235/40/18 and 295/30/18)? I would like to avoid the expense of changing 3 of the 4 wheel halves.4) The GT3 is based on the C4 body. What are the differences in the body styles between the GT3/C4 and C4S/Twin Turbo?Thanks for your thorough and candid discussions. You have saved me many hours and headaches.

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