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2004 GT3 Speakers

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Vehicle Information: Model: GT3; Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 1200;

Joel - I've always thought you were expert in the mechanicals but after reading previous posts, I see you're into stereo too. Here goes - I took the fairly new head and amp (Kenwood w/Sirius and Memphis amp) out of my '03 996 C2 and put it into the '04 GT3 (done professionally with me there). You might say why upgrade the stereo in a GT3 but it's the long drives to DE's that come to mind. So, the electronics are now great but the sound is bad probably due to the lack of a sub and good speakers. As you've mentioned, alternatives are slim. My sound guys want to build something but I want to see if Porsche has just a speaker upgrade that makes it sound OK. A sub would be nice. The only speakers I have right now are the two in the dash and two in the back. No door speakers. These are mini single cone speakers - 4 inch?? Is Porsche my only option? Any other ideas? I have searched the web ad-nauseum to no avail. Thanks - Warren

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