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2004 GT3 Springs, alignment, & ride height

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: GT3; Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 5500;

Hi Joel-After many hours of reading about the wonders of a GT3 suspension, I sent my car to the shop this winter to have some work done. I followed your recommendations (some I came up with myself) and installed inner control arm bearings, radius arm solid mounts, rear outer toe links with bump steer, rear adjustable upper links, GT2 RS motor mounts, 10mm camber shims on the front control arms, and the Tarrett locking plates on the eccentrics in the rear. The car was then aligned and corner weight balanced. When I first got the car back it was so low that I couldn't get up my driveway and it was bascially off the springs. I was a little shocking at first when the springs would settle back down on the plates. I had the car raised and realigned/balanced. After my first runs on Pocono's North Course I can say that my track prepared 87 911 still felt more stable. Even on the street the car still feels twitchy and in fact, on the way to Lime Rock this weekend my friend in his stock 997 Twin turbo was pushing me through the exit ramps. He also told me that my car bounces in the rear when we were pushing it through the twisties. (I am running PS2s)Now I have a noise in the front suspension that is pretty random (sometimes it sounds like a tire rubbing on the fender). I am going to have it all checked and tightened. I am wondering if I do not need different springs to take up the slack from lowering the car. The noise may be the springs moving around.My question (finally) is if I decide to change the springs do you recommend that I just change the springs and possibly revalve the shocks, or go with a setup like the Moton Club sports? I am considering cost on this issue.Thanks and good luck at the Glen!

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