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2005 997 Clutch UPDATED


Vehicle Information: Model : 997; Year: 2005; Mileage: 10000;

My clutch slips occasionally for a fraction of a second when slightly powershifting (upshift) the car. During the short time that the clutch is slipping, it make a grinding/rattling sound--which feels pretty painful! The car has been fitted with a new fly wheel and new clutch less than a year ago, before I purchased the car, and the clutch engages firmly most of the time, even when I am powershifting much more aggressively. (The flywheel was diagnosed with uneven mass, which made engine vibration and the clutch was damaged as well.) I would say that this happens no more that 10% of the time. I do not over-rev the engine agressively when this happens (~3000 or 3500 RPM). I do not drive the car differently the 90% of time when it does not slip. Also the cluth would not slip that easily when the car is cold.Would you have any idea of what is the issue? I doubt that the clutch is worn out, as it would slips more consistently and more frequently with greater powershifting and more aggressive driving.Also, is it common for the clutch to make such a grinding/rattling sound when it slips?I have been trying to have my mechanics hear it but Murphy's law seemed to apply during that time...Thank you for your help.

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