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2005 997 I have a paint flaw too


Vehicle Information: Model : 997; Year: 2005; Mileage: 16000;

I have a Lapis Blue 997 and I have noticed several spots on the rear fenders, decklid and front hood that I would also describe as "...round, smooth, smaller diameter than a pencil eraser. They look translucent like a hard water spot that won't come off." It looks like the clear coat might be failing but they have kind of a rainbow affect to them almost like a soap bubble trapped. The paint doesn't seem to be weak at that point but the defect looks to be below the clear coat. I'm the original owner and the car has never been repainted that I'm aware of. I just put the car away for the winter so I was reminded of them when wiping it down and then I read another question by an owner of a Guards Red 997 with a similar issue. I think this might be a defect from the factory or maybe both our cars experienced paint damage in transit and were repaired before delivery to the dealer? If it was a repaint, they did a damn good job because you can't tell where a repaint would have started/ended. I've painted many cars over the years and I don't see any signs of a repaint. I would imagine Porsche can perform repairs before delivery and not have to mention them to the consumer. Would Porsche factory have record of this type of repair being made? I'd be interested if other owners have this issue to see how far reaching it really is.

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