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2005 Boxster S 41000 miles

  • 2005
  • Boxster S
41 000
Electrical and Electronic
el sobreante, 

hello ... I have been backing the car out of the garage every day for two weeks. I have not driven the car other than that. It has been off the trickle charger it is usualy on durring its stay out side. yesterday when I moved it out of the garage it gave a check engine signal... I hooked a h.f. scan tool and it said p0300 random multiple missfires and p0306,p0304, missfire cylider 4 and 6.. I drove the car today and it feels and performs perfectly. I will be taking the car to a "check smog only" shop soon. My question is ... can I remove the check engine with the h.f. scan tool? will that reset all of the car computer values and mean that the car will have to be driven and perform the system resets before it can be evaluated for "smog check"? Am I off base to assume that all is fine and that it has merly "thrown a code".?     thank you   bob

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