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2005 Boxster S snow tires

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Year: 2005; Engine (type, size, modifications): Stock; Total Mileage: 3,300; Transmission: Manual;

I just traded up to a 2005 Boxster S from a 2002 Boxster S. I have original 18 inch wheels (Turbo Look II) from the 2002 and I would like to mount winter tires on them. The tire sizes on the 2005 are different from the earlier version. The 2002 wheels are 8Jx18ET50 and 10Jx18ET47 (Front and Rear). My 2005 wheels are 19 inch (8x19ET57 and 9.5x19ET46). The stock wheels for 2005 are 8Jx18 and 9Jx18. Are there any problems with the 2002 18 inch wheels on the 2005 and are there any guides for the type and size of winter tires for those wheels. They originally had summer tires on them, so I'm not sure that they would be the same size as winter tires.

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