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2005 Carrera S high speed brake failure...


Vehicle Information: Model: Carerra S; Year: 2005; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 16,500;

Hey Joel, I tried to send this to Peter Smith but couldn't get it to "submit". I recently aquired an '05 Carrera S with PASM (11,300m on the clock) and have danced with her at 3 track events with existing stock brakes and PS2s. I did a third event with the street brakes but added Pilot Sport Cups. Having finished off the remains of the original front brakes, I swapped to Pagid Orange front pads, replacement cross drilled rotors (wishing I could find slotted rotors to fit) and ATe Super Blue brake fluid. I bedded them in, drove a couple hundred miles on the street, then poceeded to my next track event where I circled NHIS for a warm up lap (all seemed fine) then proceeded to build up speed. The first time I headed down the front straight at speed and topped 110 mph I jumped on the brakes and discovered nearly no braking... a gradual smooth slow down with a pedal that was neither rock hard nor headed for the floor, no pulsating or vibration and no dash lights... it was just soft/spongy and no attempted change in pressure netted any change in lack of stopping power! Well I negotiated an ugly LARGE arc for turn 1 and proceeded cautiously round the track though now the brakes seemed to work fine. Approaching pit in there was no one in sight behind me so I chose to head down the straight again cautiously reaching about 90 mph and got on the brakes early... they near sucked my eyes out of the sockets! So I proceeded, albeit cautiously around staying clear of traffic and all seemed normal. It's the fourth lap now and I topped 105 mph on the straight (prepared for anything) got on the brakes and again nothing, just like the first hot lap! Each time I exceeded 100 mph the front brakes just went away. From 95 they'd work fine! I retired the car for the day but I did find the opportunity to heat up the brakes (like a bed in procedure) 3 times up to 50, down to 5 mph, 60 to 5, 70 to 10, 80 to 20, 90 to 25, working like a champ, then 105 and NADA! I repeated the 100 plus attempt one more time with the same results, no brakes! Once again, at any speed under 100 mph the brakes worked fine and contuinued to do so all the way home. Hours later, once again I grabbed an opportunity to run her up well over 100 and haul her down (3 times back to back) and everything worked gloriously! Have you got anything for me???? For nowhere else to turn, we flushed and changed the ATe Blue with Gold and judiciously bled the brakes and clutch reservois. I have several approaching events and I don't know what to expect, though I'll surely be extremely cautious and retire if need be once again. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanx, David.

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