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2005 GT3 ABS


Vehicle Information: Model: GT3; Year: 2005; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 1800;

I appreciate the feedback from the other GT3 owner regarding his experience with ABS. However, to me, the timing of when the ABS kicks in seems way out of bounds. My 993 also has ABS and it never kicks in when I am driving on dry streets, yet the GT3 kicks in constantly under moderately heavy braking.Regarding your questions, it seems to always be the front brakes that activate the ABS. The pavement is dry and relatively smooth. If the pavement is the least bit bumpy, it activates under much less severe braking. The dealer ran a full analysis before I purchased the car. Hidden on page 9 of 10 was the following information. Under "Instrument Cluster" it referenced "K33", listed 4 blocks and number of faults = 0. Then it says Number of events:2 1 Brake distributor 7 ABS failureWell, they told me that everything checked out fine, and it was a week later before I really poured over the printout line by line.Does this mean anything to you? I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but the ABS seem to be way too active.

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