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2005 GT3 Ceramic (?) piston covers?


Vehicle Information: Model: GT3; Year: 2005; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 28,000;

Maybe I have the terminology wrong, but I did not find this addressed previously.Last time I changed my brake pads one of the ceramic (?) discs attached to the one of the pistons came off. This is not the anti-squeal disc/spider, but was attached to the center of the piston through a depression with a hole in the middle. I put it back in place with the new pads, but of course it is no longer attached to the piston. I surmise that the funtion of this part is to reduce heat transfer from the brake pad backing plate to the brake piston/caliper/fluid by providing some insulation. Is there a proper way to reattach this disc or can it be replaced? Do I need to replace the piston, too?Thanks, and I enjoy the answers you provide.

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