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2006 911 C4S cab Surging on acceleration


Vehicle Information: Model : 911 C4S cab; Year: 2006; Mileage: 9300;

I asked this question about a week ago and haven't seen a response and so am asking again with some update. At about 3-4K miles experienced a transient episode of erractic acceleration through all gears though no warning lights and the engine seemed to be okay at idle or revved. Disappeared after several miles but recurred again at 9300 miles and persisted. At each gear the car would surge or accelerate with a staggered response in all gears.Took to Porsche dealer who followed recommendations from Porsche central and the symptoms finally disappeared after a week of diagnostics but not sure why the symptoms disappeared. Car is driving fine now. Apparently another C4S has experienced similiar problems and symptoms disappeared as well without a diagnosis. Found on another forum some issues with octane apparently causing similiar symptoms. do you have any insights as to what the issue might be. Should I carry a can of Octane boost just in case?thanksKen

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