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2006 911S Nav. System not working

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model : 911S; Year: 2006; Mileage: 30,000;

The Nav. system in our car is not working properly. When you push the Nav button, it says that the system is starting, but will eventually give you a message stating that the DVD is not readable. However, one one occasion, the nav. system appeared to work properly and we were able to program a route and the system routed us to our destination. When we had the car in for service last week, the dealer told us that we had the wrong DVD. They said what we have is a retro-disk, or something to that effect and it would require the purchase of a new disk and re-programming to fix the system. The numbers on the left of the DVD are 04.05. The top number on the right side is 997.642.257.02 and the number below it is 7L5.919.859.AC. If it makes a difference, in your answer to a previous question, you noted that the PCM in this car was replaced in 12/06. Can you tell by these #'s if we have the incorrect disk? Any other thoughts? Thank you for your assistance and insights!!

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