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2006 Boxster S Bose/PCM misbehaviour UPDATED

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model (Boxster, Boxster S,Cayman, Cayman S): Boxster S; Year: 2006; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 20,000; Transmission: Manual;

the radio on my car has been switching stations on me at seemingly random times, but always in the same manner. it only does it when i am listening to my local public radio station. as i come into the city, Burlington, it will jump to the same Country station. this is the only configuration in which this happens. it does not happen with any other radio stations. been to the dealer twice, they cannot trouble shoot it. it does not do this with any other stations, or when i am out of the city area. it happens at random, so is hard to recreate. i think they didn't believe me when i first reported it, but last week as i was driving by it did it, so i stopped and showed the mechanic. he was stumped. it also may play the public station, but show the digital info, songs and the like, for the country station or show i am tuned to the public station, but play the country station, etc. tried disabling TP, RDS but no change. the PCM works fine, no phone.

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