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2007 Boxster Extended warranty UPDATED


Vehicle Information: Model (Boxster, Boxster S,Cayman, Cayman S): Boxster; Year: 2007; Engine (type, size, modifications): stock; Total Mileage: 400; Transmission: Manual;

Is there a Porsche OEM extended warranty offered and sold by Porsche (like other OEM's) that just extends the factory warranty? If so how long do you have to buy one? I plan to keep mine a long time any I am more concerned about Porsche standing behind the warranty than an aftermarket outfit. The aftermarket companies can fail.Member update: I purchased a new 2007 Porsche Boxster on 11/30/06 in DC and I just had it serviced today with 651 miles on it. Why I haven't been driving it is a long story but the original post (above) goes back to the purchase. When I bought it I asked the dealer whether Porsche extended warranties were available and they said no. They sell an aftermarket warranty but as I said originally, I worry about those places failing. I talked to the service manager and the guy who files warranties today. The service manager confirmed that the only way to get an extended warranty was to buy a used vehicle certified. He said he is constantly asked about this. When we talked to the service writer who files for warranty he said the best by far was GEICO and that Interstate Battery offer a good one. I went to GEICO'S website and they actually have mechanical coverage (excepting wear and tear) you buy and pay with your car insurance with a $250 mechanical deductible. The bad news is that he said underwriting is strict and the posted requirements are you had to have purchased your new car less than 15 months ago and it has to have less than 15k. He wouldn't waive the 15 months even though I have 1k and offered to let him quote me on a four vehicle policy for my wife and I (I am not insured with them). I tried to find something with Interstate but I couldn't find anything on there website. I don't even know if this qualifies as a legitimate tech question. I do know that it is frustrating to see 100k "certified vehicles" and to know you can't extend you warranty on a well cared for car even if you offer to pay for certification. Based on the service manager's reaction, a lot of people ask about this. I would have probably jumped on GEICO'S deal had I known about it in time. There it is. I would appreciate any insight or advice. If it doesn't qualify as a tech question it may still generate some good discussion. I think a lot of people buy these cars and want to hold on to them but the thought of a blown engine to repair when the car goes out of the manufacturer's warranty scares them into selling it.

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