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2007 Carrera Oil Pressure

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Model: Carrera, Year:2007, Mileage:22000, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 2007 Carrera that I believe has a problem with the oil pressure gauge/sender system. When the oil is cool and the ignition is switched on (engine not running) the oil pressure gauge reads between 1 and 3 bar. When the engine is then started the oil pressure spikes to 5 bar and stays there until the oil is warm. After the oil is warm (between 150 and 200) or when the engine is started and the oil is warm, the oil pressure behaves normally; typically 2.5 to 3 bar at 2000 rpm. I discussed this with the service advisor at the dealership when I recently took the car in for an oil change and he agreeded that there should be no oil pressure with the engine off. However, when the service technician checked the pressure (I don't know if the oil was cold or warm) he reported that it was running at 3 bar at idle and was within spec. Any thoughts?Ken JardineLakeland, FL

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