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2007 Turbo Keeping the balance


Vehicle Information: Year: 2007; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6; Total Mileage: 10K;

In the past you raise what I consider a crucial issue when considering modifications. I refer to trying to keep the engine design "balance" as you make changes. More power (e.g. ECU changes) = more heat & stress on the engine re it's original design. Where are the safe limits, if any? My question is: when changing the exhaust and or air intake do you place a new demand on your engine (e.g. 997TT) similar to new ECU chips (and therefore possibly pushing the reliability and durability issues)? I'd like to think that exhaust and air intake changes do not put any more such demands (e.g. heat) on the engine but this may not be the case.I would like some advice from an expert. It's a tough question given all the variables involved. My '07 TT is my daily driver (all year, including our Canadian winters - I'm addicted I guess), I take long road trips (10 days or so), and put in about 20 days at the track - DE courses and lapping nights/days. I'd like to install a "620" kit from a well known and reputable US company that includes exhaust, headers, ECU reflash (GIAC), and intercoolers.

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