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2008 Cayman S Sticky Clutch

  • 2008
  • Cayman S
173 000

My 2008 Cayman S has a little over 173,000 miles on the odometer. I am still on the original clutch. I recently drove my car, and discovered when I pushed the clutch pedal down, it felt strange. It seemed to depress normally during most of the range of travel, but it seemed as if the pedal wanted to stick down. The clutch pedal hesitated to return, and the clutch slipped momentarily until the clutch pedal did return to the up/at rest position. This condition has come on very suddenly. I have not sensed any prior clutch issues, nor any sign of deterioration. I am sure the clutch and flywheel have significant wear by now, but what is the likely cause of this sticky clutch pedal? What is the best suggested solution? Please advise. Thank you! 

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