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2010 C4 severe cupping of Yokohama rear tires

  • 2010
  • 911 Carrera 4
25 000
Wheels and Tires


Greetings PCA Experts,

I am on my second set of rear tires (Yokohama correct size, ratings and N1 spec, etc) and now require a third. My first rear set developed severe inside cupping/scalloping of the tire, alongwith a very annoying "helicoptering" sound that varied in pitch and frequency, depending on speed, and greatly reduced the "Porsche driving experience". The alignment, suspension geometry and condition, tire pressures, etc were all confirmed to be within Porsche spec by a Porsche dealer. The car is not tracked, nor were there any encounters with road debris, potholes, etc..  Since the front tires were in good shape with > 7 mm tread depth, and to maintain the same tire make, I purchased another set of Porsche N1 Yokohamas,  that were intalled, balanced, and a 4 wheel alignment was performed by a Porsche dealer. I now have exactly the same annoying cupping and 'helicoptering noise" problem, and now require yet another 3rd set of tires.

Now I know what you are probably thinking ..... ' If you continue along the same path without making changes why would you expect a different outcome?'  Because I trusted the advice I was getting! I have owned numerous performance cars but am a new 911 owner. I know they are hard on rear tires especially ( but did not expect the inside cupping and ridiculous helicoptering noise). I  did not jump into ownership completely blind but perhaps I should have contacted you experts earlier.

 I any event it seems to me the extra weight that the factory spec alignment places on the inside of the tire is too much for the Yokohamas to handle and they cup. I also realize that this alignment makes the car handle the way it does. However is it possible to lessen the weight on the inside of the tire if cornering performance is not paramount? Any other advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have noted in communications from PCA that you are looking for feedback from members, so since I am writing you anyway, I thought I would pass along an idea.  I enjoy getting e-mails,  the Panorama magazine, the affiliation with the local UCR club, negative criticism whatsoever. Since new members are your future, I would suggest organizing information ie Q and A, tech tips, and information that pertains to new members, under a corresponding heading on your website so that it is easy to find. Similarly a small column in Panorama geared to new members might be well received.  I know that these ideas cost either time and/or money, so I have no expectations. I am merely trying to answer your request for suggestions and give something back in a very small way, to an organisation, of which, in my opinion, members and Porsche can be  proud.






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