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2017 718S - beeps one or twice when locking - like the beep but why 1 or 2 beeps?

  • 2017
  • 718 Boxster S
Electrical and Electronic
Port Orange, 

2017 - 718S - with Entry & Drive (not sure that is related to this issue)

According to the manual:
When locking the Car:
Press lock button on key FOB = lights blink twice and you get two audible "beeps" from the car = car locked 
Put finger on the door handle (with key close to car) and the above happens....

This works BUT sometimes the car "Beeps" once and sometimes twice - the lights always blink twice and the car is always locked as can be seen from the red LED's blinking in door sill and the doors are really locked - I tried...

I know you can hit the button a second time within 5 sec and turn off internal sensors and the lights blink differently and the sounds beep different too I believe - that all works fine.

The funny thing is that the car usually "beeps" once but sometimes twice - Can't figure it out - I asked dealer and they are not sure either - they do think the manual may be wrong and it should be one beep...

Its not a huge deal because the car locks - if a hatch is open or the glove box, etc. the car does not lock - no error tone - just no sound at all.... and no two light blinks

I am just trying to figure out the logic...

Why 2 beeps sometimes and 1 beep others and car still locks fine....

Any ideas?


PS - unlocking works fine - one light blink and no sound

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