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25a fuel pump fuse

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Year: 1988; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3 1 bar boost spring; Total Mileage: 62000;

Hello, my 930 seems to be sensative to cold winter Michigan weather and takes forever to start. the fuel pump(s) have cut out on me several times. For example I was on the highway not even under boost @ about 75mph and I thought i was breaking down. Seconds later they were back and I made it home. The car sat for about 3 weeks then I tried to start it and I Just couldn't get it to stay running. It may fire and run for about 3-5 seconds and die out. The humming noise in the engine compartment dose not sound normal like a sick fuel pump. I decided to take a look in the luggage comp fuse block. I discovered that the thing the 25a fuse plugs into was melted and the wire off one side was melted. the fuse had become very crumbly but not blown. one of the prongs on the fuse had eroded and is almost non exsistant.Is this my only problem? what caused the melt down? can I replace the fuse unit? Thanks

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