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2.7 RS with Webers

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Model: 914/6; Year: 1970; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.7 RS spec with Webers; Total Mileage: 2500 on eng;on the car, who knows? ;

My 914/6 has recently had a 2.7 RS spec engine installed. It is newlyremanufactured and I have the original Webers installed with 32 venturiesand tall aux venturies. The carbs are mounted on tall intake manifolds. Iam also running the stock heat exchangers with a Porsche Dual outletSport muffler. The car starts right up and seems to run fine on throttlebut idles terribly and constantly backfires while idling and on anythingapproaching part throttle or less. In view of the recent tech lettersconcerning 914/6's, Its been strongly suggested that #50 or #55 idle jetshelp immensely. Would this be a good move on my 2.7? As far as I know,the carbs only mods are the tall aux venturies and the 32mm mainventuries. Does anyone you know have experience with a 2.7 RS and Webers?Do you know how those carbs were set up? Can the engine be made to runwell with carbs and the stock RS cams or do I need to have other camsinstalled? Also, I have heard of and seen an ad for Monty Mufflers. Ican't seem to get hold of them though. Are they still in business? I'dlike a muffler with dual outlets on the ends of the muffler vice in thecenter like my sport muffler.

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