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3,000 rpm vibration


Vehicle Information: Year: 2000; Engine (type, size, modifications): Standard Engine; Total Mileage: 32,890; Transmission: Manual;

Hi, My Boxter is experiencing a vibration at 3,000 rpm's and I've brought this to the attention of the Porsche dealer starting way back in June 2003, it's getting worse.This past month I had both the service manager and the service tech take the car for a ride. Both agree I have this vibration and that it is noticable (I can tell them when it hit the 3,000 without looking during the test ride).I gave them your response, below, to another person with the same problem and they told me PCA was off base and that this vibration is normal because Porsche's are hand-made giving each Porsche their own identy. They said if I didn't like the vibration I should just speed past it. I also brought the blistering of the paint on my rear bumper to their attention. The service manager informed me it was repainted and something they would not have picked up during the "bumper-to-bumper" inspection and that Porsche is not responsible to have it repainted.This is also the same dealership that continued to tell me my gas pedal, that was binding at the same spot everytime I excellerated, was normal. I later found out this was not normal. The new service advisor looked into my concern, found the problem and have it taken care of.I'm just lost for words and would appreciate any help from PCA on how to handle this.PCA response to another PCA member having similar problems:"You state that it is in every gear at 3k rpm's. What about parked and at 3k rpm's? The reason that I ask is if it does it at a stationary position it may be the flywheel. These flywheels will usually get hot spots from overheating and require replacement. Resurfacing other than deglazing is usually not an option. Should it be loose or out of balance it will cause a vibration as you describe.Should it only get this vibration while moving then it would be in the drive train. This can include drive shafts, tires, wheels or any other moving part in the driveline."Thanks, Stephen

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