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3.4 L heads on 3.6 L block question

  • 2000
  • 911 Carrera
152 000

Hello everyone, I am a new PCA member.  I need some help with a project.  Where can I find specific information on modifying an M96 to have 3.4 L heads on 3.6 L block?  I have done multiple searches and can only find that its been done.  Is there a shop in the San Francisco Bay Area or basically California that can do this mod?  

I have a 2000 996 manual transmission that blew rod bearing number 2 due to oil starvation.  Mechanic took it apart and confirmed it as well as damage to the crank.  Was quoted 18k to rebuild.  I have been searching and found out that the 3.6 L was an option.  I could swap out the DME, HVAC module, ABS module, interior wiring harnes, instrument cluster, etc or take the 3.4 L heads and intake and put on 3.6 L block.  The 3.4 L heads on the 3.6 L block seems the easier route, I know even easier is to get another 3.4 L.

I did get a good deal a few weeks ago on a 3.6 L from a 2003 996 Cab with tiptronic transmission.  The 2003 donor 996 cab was involved in accident and was being parted out and had 92,937 miles.  I got the complete engine with the tiptronic transmissions still attached and the DME.  All the other stuff I needed was already sold.

Any shop recomendations to get this mod done or anyone in the Bay Area that can get it done?  I'm going to put the motor, tramsmission and DME for sale just in case I can't get this mod done.

Thanks in advance.           

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