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356A Driveline Noise


Vehicle Information: Model: 356A T2 Cabriolet; Year: 1958; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1600S but Normal Pistons; Total Mileage: 110,000, 210,000, 310,000... I'm guessing 210,000;

My car has developed a drivetrain noise in the past 2 miles or so. It happens under engine breaking (or clutch in) when the rear wheels are turning the gearbox--not under torque from the engine.I first noticed it near my house on the next to last drive. It got louder and became accompanied by vibration on a brief test drive.The fact that it depends on the direction of torque suggests to me that it may be related to the differential ring and pinion. I haven't done any more work since the last test drive.Do you have any suggestions for how I should proceed?

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