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3.6 Varioram install into a 1983 911SC

  • 1983
  • 911 SC Targa
108 000
North Carolina

In process of collecting everything needed to do a conversion on a 1984 911SC with a Varioram 993 Motor.

What I have found is a 1998 motor with super low miles, less DME harness and ECU. Im looking for a Euro ECU and harness.

Ive found an ECU from a 1996 Varioram motor (actually three of them all 96) and the part number seems to carry through all three years.



Now let the head scratching begin. Does a 1998 motor need a 1998 harness and ECU? Since there is nothing else the ECU is hooked up to and it will have a chip to deactivate immobolizer, etc are the ECUs prepriatary to certain year motors themselves. If its just running the motor does could it run with a 1996 or 1997 ECM harness and ECU?

Happy Holidays!


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