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67-912 high beam indicator from march-27-02 article


Vehicle Information: Model: 912; Year: 1967; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): none; Total Mileage: 59766;

I still have a low beam problem on my 912.The problem is this: with battery voltage at12.4 with the engine off, lights on low, the low beams are yellowish in color and lazy to come on, the high beam beams are white and quick to come on. I checked voltage from battery negative to the low beam fuse and it is12.0 volts on both. I checked from battery negative to the high beam fuse and it is 11.0 volts. At this time the high beam indicator light glows while the lights are on low beam. This is what I've done so far: removed all wires from all ground points on car and cleaned them with abrasive cloth, replaced all braided ground straps,"daisey chained" all ground studs on car together with a black #10 gauge wire, replaced the pigtails at head light connector and added a dedicated ground wire for each light, and ran to ground stud, I replaced the hi-low relay under pedal board, replaced hi-low-turn signal switch, and added a relay to the hi and low circuits to ensure all available voltage was being fed to lights, and replaced the lights. I've ohmed out all wires from fuse box to lights and the ground wires for the lights. Ive given this a lot of effort and the only component I havent changed is the light switch, but I've added a relay so the switch is only operating the coil of the relay now, any ideas?

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