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718 smart phone tray - anyone got it to work?

  • 2018
  • 718 Cayman GTS
santa monica, 


my car has a thing called a smart phone tray, and the manual says if you put your phone in the tray (in teh center console), it connects to the car's external antenna.  A footnote in the on-line manual says "

1) The smartphone tray is not available in the United States.

But my dealer insisits that it will work.... but it doesn't.   So, who is right? and if it does work for anyone in the USA, how do you get it to work?   Note, I am not talking about apple car play - I don't own an apple phone, I am talking about the antenna/repeater feature in the built in tray - there is definately a mat there with a picture of a phone.

anyone gotten this to work?

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