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718 Stability management

  • 2018
  • 718 Cayman
3 900
Electrical and Electronic

Does someone explain the technical differences between the “PSM sport on, Limited Stability” and the PSM “Off”?

It seems when you have it on Stability Limited (which makes you think that there is still some of it working) the car gets out of control much easier and sooner, then when is completely OFF (when you would think there is Nothing ON).

Or When do ypu use one compare to the other?

I mean when driving on pavement at a fast to aggressive pace. And not on snow, mud or dirt,

If you want to have fun with the car and slide the rear out the computer catches you quick on OFF, but on Limited it seems like its OFF and wont catch you. It’s like it contradicted in what the PSM description is and what is actually does.

The manual doesn’t go into detail like that and Porsche hotline doesn’t know anything else besides what the manual tells you,

Thank you.


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