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75 911 Carrera randomly quits


Vehicle Information: Year: 1975; Body Type: Coupe;

My 75 Carrera will sometimes kill the engine like I flipped a kill switch, then most of the time, just come back on. When this happens, the tach quits but the gauges all continue to work. Yesterday, I was exercising the Carrera after a couple of weeks of being covered, I was running up to redline when I noticed it started to sputter at about 5500 rpm, I shifted and then I noticed the tach swing back up to range as it had been off. I made a cloverleaf U-turn and headed back when at about 5500 rpm again, the engine quit and never restarted. The battery is strong and the gauges are all working except for the tach. I wiggled all the wires and fuses I could touch to no avail. Finally had to have a flatbed come rescue us. It has done the quick off and back on for a while but not often. This is the first time it hasn't restarted itself. Any ideas?

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