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78 911SC has no power


Vehicle Information: Year: 1978; Body Type: Targa;

The car is stock 911SC with CIS injection, no modifications. It's a few degrees above freezing now. Firstly, the car doesn't start well. It starts, then the engine dies in a couple of seconds. Applying throttle doesn't help, if anything it makes it worse. After doing this say 5-6 times the motot catches and seems to idle fine at about 900 rpm. But if I apply throttle it chokes. After warming up for say 10 minutes, I can apply throttle and everything sounds great. So off I go onto the street, and at about 2,000rpm the power just drops right off. It's as though it was only firing a couple of cylinders. Applying throttle seems to make the motor gag and it looses power drastically. I can maybe get it up to 3,000rpm, but that's as fast as it goes. Stop the car and rev the motor and it sounds fine up to 4-5,000rpm - no misses or backfires. But under load (while driving) it's powerless & I hear some popping from the exhaust.Any suggestions?The car went into the winter running just fine. Was stored all winter in a partially heated garage. I've run it for a total of about 40 min, thinking that perhaps there was water in the fuel or something. No change. It's done this 3 days in a row now, so it looks like the situation won't fix itself.

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