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78'SC will not start


Vehicle Information: Year: 1978; Body Type: Coupe;

After having driven my car where it ran great, I shut it off in the driveway. When I went to start it several hours later the car refused to start, not even a chug or pop out of the engine. Since then this is the diagnostics that I have performed. First I checked the fuel system. I removed an injector turned on the ignition and pushed on the airflow sensor, good spray pressure and pattern was observed. I then disconnected the fuel line coming from the fuel pump. Turned over the engine, the fuel pump works during starter actuation. Also all the spark plugs are wet when I pull them out. I also drained the fuel from the tank and put in fresh 93 octane fuel in the tank.Then I focused on the ignition system. THe CD box whines when the ignition is turned on. I measured the resistance at the coil, appears to match what the manual stated, 650 ohms on the secondary, about 1.0-1.5 ohm on the primary(manual says 0.5 ohms is my reading a factor?). I removed the coil wire from the the distributor, turned over the engine observed the spark when set to ground. I have installed a new rotor,plugs, and wire set, dist. cap is next, but I am doubtful. Then I pulled a spark plug, turned the engine over observed a spark from the plug when grounded.Then final thing that I have done was set the at "Z1" for number 1, the rotor lines up with notch on the distributor. I am out of ideas, I don't even get a pop. Is it possible that the chain jumped a cog and my valve timing is off. When I turn the engine over it rotates freely with no noises. As I said earlier the car ran great before shutdown, and when I did shut it down I did not hear any noises or clacking. I am starting to grasp at straws here. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

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