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79 SC 3.2 10/1 964 cam redline


Vehicle Information: Model: 911SC; Year: 1979; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 208K+ but rebuilt around 190K;

I have rebuilt my 79SC to 3.2 ltr. and installed the Max Moritz pistons to what I was told was 10/1 compression.(however the domes did not measure to be as tall as my stock 3.0SC pistons!) I had my cams reground to 964 specifications and compleatly re-manufactured the 79 heads with all new parts and a stock CIS inj. system. My little car jumps and runs solid all through the powerband but absolutly screams from +-4000 to 6250+ RPM like krazy! I love it! Still very docile and pleasant at the lower RPMs but outstanding at the higher RPMs. (All with the help and of Pelican Parts and others in the LA and San Diego area!) My question is this; Can I increase my red line noted on my stock tachometer from 6250 to ??? 7250 or 7500 or? It has never stumbled but I take my foot out of it for fear of damaging the engine. I am having my gauges rebuilt and have the opportunity to adjust the redline noted on the tach. I do not know when the limiter kicks in (or if it does on the 79SC)and do not want to damage my engine. My engine seems to jump right past the 6250 stock redline.Please advise,Buzz Hall

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