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83' 944 - am I missing the windshield cowl? y/n?

  • 1983
  • 944


I am wondering if my 83' 944 Euro is supposed to have a windshield cowl and/or am I missing this piece?  I recently noticed that you can see straight through from the bottom of the windshield glass to under the hood and fit your hand there.  Worried about moisture.  Also, it looks as though I could be missing rubber trim on the left and right side as you can see the mounting brackets between the outer body and the glass.  (photos of everything included).  

Getting mixed search results online and various parts that I am not sure fit the year vehicle or not?  Looks like maybe there were 3 cowl pieces- center/ left/right ?  And a rubber moulding?   

If there is a part, please provide a part number(s)  if possible- thank you!   


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