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83 944 Brake Problems

  • 1983
  • 944
98 000

Just replaced the brake fluid.  Had not been replaced for 5 years and fluid not overly opaque or colored.  No issues with brakes prior.  Now that I replaced the fluid I have the front left caliper lock down and brake pedal becomes super hard.  Drive for a little and it heats up super hot as caliper not releasing.  Let sit for an hour or so and brakes go back to normal.  I have experienced this on and off for a couple weeks.  I pried on the caliper to loosen the brakes so I could hand turn the front left rotor.  Thought cylinder may have stuck due to new fluid or potential debri if rusted due to delayed fluid change. I re-bled brakes  to get any debri out if any.  No debri seen and now cannot get the pedal to firm up at all. When push pedal to push fluid for bleading brakes no fluid moves out at caliper on any of the four wheels.  Even with soft pedal, once brake pushed to floor I get some brake so car does stop.  I could not stop quickly if needed.

Will check vacuum as reading tech bulletins.  Also saw something about the booster check valve can cause soft pedal and hard pedal.  What can I do to test the booster, check valve, and master cylinder so I don't have to throw parts at the issue. 

Also need to know if I can mix dot 3 with CHF type brake fluid.  Since it is an 1983 I figure not much of a difference, but thought I woudl ask.  83 tech for fluid is nothing like today.

Your advice is appreciated.

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