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83 944 No Spark

  • 1983
  • 944


I'm an auto-tech teacher and one of my former students has an 83 944 that isn't getting spark. I was hoping someone here could help him figure out what's going on. Here is this information he's given me so far:

that would be great man, thank you!! I'm a Mercedes, bmw a tech so I have the know how, this thing is just kicking my butt, and short on money doesn't help much either. 
However.. I have a no spark, no tach bounce issue. 
I have fuel, that's outta the equation, I have compression and the engine is in time. Every single component on the car has been changed and can be proven that I works, I just bought a brand new ecu that I proven works, I have sensors that ohm out good all the way to the dme so theres no harness failure, I believe I gapped them correctly, 2mm shim at the reference sensor, .8mm gap at the speed sensor from the flywheel, Coil fires if you jump it, I have power going in and out of the entire relay board and all the fuses are hot and live. 
I just simply can't not get any tach bounce, which in turn is no spark, it jumps when you flick the key on so the tach works, I just can't get any jump.. with a good ecu, good sensors all the way to dme, and gapped to spec, I still can't get spark. Rotor screw is tight btw.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks,


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