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'83 944 starts but immediately stalls

  • 1983
  • 944
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So like the title says, I have an '83 944 NA that had to get towed last week due to the car not being able to drive safely. When I start the car, the car will die within 3-4 seconds if the throttle isn't revved. Based on the Haynes manual, it says the issue could be in the distributor, ignition coil, or other related parts. I first checked the distributor cap and rotor (see photos) and there was some corrosion on the terminals, as well as a carbon deposit peppered on the inside (more than in photo as I'd cleaned it yesterday. The center terminal (coming from the ignition coil) was also covered heavily in a carbon deposit to the point it left a graphite-like residue. The rotor also had a decent amount of corrosion on the tip (see photos). I also checked the ignition coil per the Haynes manual and the #4 terminal hole (usually covered with rubber stopper) has a dirty, cakey residue inside it. The primary terminals (#1 and #15) have 4.6 ohms across, while the secondary terminals (#1 and #4) were reading as infinite resistance. As far as what else I checked, the battery was stable at 12.45v. I've also attached photos of a spark plug which all had identical wear patterns. As far as more involved testing, I plan on checking DME and airflow meter continuity stuff. Willing to check whatever anyone recommends. I'm a college student so I was looking to get some help before I started spending big bucks on new parts.

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