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'84 3.2 Intermittent High Idle


Model: 911, Year:1984, Mileage:103K, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Hello - Looking for some suggestions. Every now and again (I seem to notice the car doing this after its been run for a while and its hot), when I push the clutch in to shift to another gear or into neutral to coast, the idle will get hung up (and doesn't change when I let the clutch out). The idle doesn't oscillate - but it will sometimes idle at 1.5K, sometimes 2K, sometimes 2.5K-ish RPMs (doesn't seem to be an exact pattern, again, no oscillation, it will be a consistent idle, just high) - but never higher than 2.5-3K. Sometimes if I blip the throttle, idle will return to normal, other times it won't. This issue doesn't happen all the time - in fact, rarely - but it happens. My mechanic ran the car through a smoke test for air leaks - no issues evident - so that *shouldn't* be the problem. Also cleaned up/lubed and serviced the throttle body and ICV...I suspect either a bad DME relay or maybe ICV?? My other thought might be the throttle linkages are somehow getting hung up intermittently (almost like a frayed cable - even though I know its not so much a cable as a series of linkages) - feels like something is hanging it up.Prior to me just buying new stuff to see what solves it (ICV, relay, etc), any suggestions?Car has new-ish (in last 1.5 years) head temp sensor, new plugs, plug wires, dizzy, etc. Thanks!

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