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85 944 only runs on cylinders 1&4 ,can get to rev to 3k

  • 1985
  • 944
68 000

 One hot day after a short drive, after being parked for about an hour, the car would start but stumble and stall and sometimes rev up to 3000 and had no power.  So far, I have checked the fuel pressure, replaced the  throttle position sensor,checked the temperature sensor, replaced oxygen sensor, replaced the engine management computer, checked the spark plugs, wires,distributor cap and rotor with an engine analyzer hooked to the engine. Only cylinder 1 and 4 are getting a signal to spark.  If plug wires are removed from 1 or 4, the engine will not run, but if the plug wires on 3 or 2 are removed, it makes no difference.  All ground connections have been checked.  Sometimes if either plug wire 3 or 2 are  positioned near ground, a weak spark can be detected, but most of the time there is no spark at all from those wires.  Any ideas where to go from here?

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