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85/2 944 Overheating

  • 1985
  • 944
158 000
Heating and Ventilation

My question is with my 1985.5 944.

before my timing belt, and waterpump replacement I never had a single problem with my heating. Oneday driving around town like normal, went to the theater and parked in the parking garage, waterpump  Had it picked up and taken to my indy at the time(had issues with them later on.)   Anyways timing belt, balance shaft belt, all rollers, and tensioners, front cam seal, water pump and thermostat was replaced. Coolant was replaced with pentisin NT. All at a fair price.                                                                                                                                                         

Ever since, every time the car is driven more than 30 mins, the needle is pegged on the 3rd mark right before the red. coolant has been bled numerous times, as well as vaccum tested.

A week after having this done I was driving around down town, pulled up to a red light heard a click/clunk then looked down and my temp was all the way in the red!!! saw steam and coolant shooting everywhere turned it off then and there. pushed it to the shoulder with my wife in passanger seat rooting me on.. anyways a small circular plug apparently shot out of the bottom of my reservoir. causing the pressure to over boil it i assume.

Had it towed home and replaced the reservoir with one out of my 84 parts car, replaced the resivour cap, had it pressure checked and all still sticks there.

also I have no heat in my cabin unless I have the defrost button pushed. temp knob turned all the way hot, and fan speed all the way to 4 and I only have cool/room(car) temp air coming through. but when I press the defrost button then heat comes through with a vengence.

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