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86 911 Turbo : Advice & Wisdom Requested


Model: 911 Turbo, Year:1986, Mileage:77,000, Type of use:Street use only
86 911 Turbo : Advice & Wisdom RequestedGreetings all, I am a new member to the club as a result of purchasing my first Porsche and I am afraid I am in over my head.I historically am a big block Chevy drag racing guy and know a fair amount about normally aspirated big block race motors BUT I purchased last fall, what I thought was, a very nice 86 911 Turbo that has many performance enhancements, as the car was once owned by Patrick of Patrick motor sports. Since the purchase, I put about 500 miles on the car and it has been great, and it has been away for the winter.This past weekend on Saturday I use the car and it ran great On Sunday, I took the car out and when pressing the throttle the car ran good UNTIL the point of when the turbo would have normally kicked in. and instead of the turbo kicking in, motor just died, tach went right to zero and it appeared to stall! And it sounded like a big bog. At the same time I saw the boost gauge pop up for split second and then go back to zero. Now, as soon as I backed off on the throttle, the motor came back to life and it ran normally. UNTIL that point of when the turbo would have normally kicked in and it did the same thing again (died, gauge popped up, tach went to zero and I heard the bog) until I backed off on the throttle again, which it then ran normally again.This experience occurred for about 20 miles of driving. Then, all of a sudden for no obvious reason, the Turbo kicked in, and everything was back to normal.Can someone please share your wisdom on what the possible problem may be and IF I could be causing damage by driving the car as is, as I am lost when it comes to what this problem may be.Thank you all in advance for you advice!Sincerely,Mark Collett

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