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89 930, engine cuts off at 5500 rpm

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Year: 1989 930; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3, K27 Turbo, Garretson Intercooler, complete B&B exhaust headers and muffler, dial a boost set at 1 bar.; Total Mileage: 94,000 miles, engine rebuilt at 70,000,;

When I am driving my 89 930 at full acceleration, and I reach the area of 5200 to 6200 rpm the engine suddenly quits. (When this first started last week, it cut off at 6200 and has slowly gotten down to 5200 rpm. So whatever it is is getting worse.) It feels as if the key has been turned off. No stuttering, no missing, it just quits running. If you leave the gas on the floor, the car keeps running, but slows to approximately 30 MPH and will run like that until you lift completely off the accelerator. Then I get full power again. The tachometer works perfectly the entire time. Boost gauge falls off completely. My mechanic has checked the coil, CD unit, fuel pumps, fuel pump relays, and wiring. They all checked out in good condition. We are at a dead end. Do you have any ideas? The car runs great and strong until it just turns itself off. I use Chevron Supreme gas, and sometimes I use a can of Trick Race Gas Additive.

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