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89, G50 shifter lateral slop

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Carrera, 2D Coupe S.A. Edition; Year: 1989; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2L, mods; Total Mileage: 128K, top/bottom rebuild at 96K;

89 G50,..something's "moved or loose" Greetings to all,Productive day with the 89 coupe,..taking care of many side items,...ending on a (somewhat) bad note........need you guys' insight before I embark.Today's drive produced something in the G50 shifter that doesn't feel right...(BTW,'s work had NOTHING to do with the shifter...). At a red light,....placing shifter into 1st,..preparing to GO,..I noticed something felt as if something loosened within the shifter...she's going in all gears just fine yet there's more lateral movement (left/right) while in neutral. While pulled over on the interstate, I noticed that when moving the shifter left to right (neutral), I can hear a slapping (if you will) of what seems to be metal tapping metal that was not there before. This shifter and tranny have been working flawlessly previously. I headed on down the road, carefully and sensitively, noting that she's getting in the gears just fine,.still quite nervous that something just loosened,..I carefully headed home to be distracted with the non-Porsche activities for the remainder of the afternoon, unnattending to my new-found problem.I've spent much time this evening reviewing many great posts, particularly on the console removal, linkages, etc. and am prepared to indulge tomorrow (Memorial day). Guys,..which part (in PET) on this shifter may have loosened (or broken)? The sound (when moving the shifter while in neutral to the far right (((TAP))) seems to eminate from under the E-brake area. GEEEEZE,..I hope that only some screw or something has come loose and can be tightened...maybe she's now free to move within the tube? Maybe you experienced fellows already know what has "taken' place"....I hope my description is sufficient and not too confusing.Delicate shifting provides all of the normal excitement she's always had...just that this lateral slop is not at all normal,..that's for sure.Thanks in advance for insightful observations.My best1989, Carrera 911, 3.2L, G50, S.A. Edition__________________Doyle Sheppard1989 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe, S.A. EditionCertified RUSH FREAK!!!Recording EngineerMacon, GA.

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