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'91 C2 Turbo won't run when warm


Model: C2 Turbo, Year:1991, Mileage:24000, Type of use:Street use only
My mechanic is baffled by this problem and I need help! The problem began in the spring after the car sat unused most of the winter. It starts up fine and will idle properly 'all day'. Right after starting, the car can be driven normally for several minutes. After this, even the slightest pressure on the accelerator will make it either stall, cough, or backfire. There's no power at all. By pumping the accelerator rapidly, you can get the revs up past idle, but there's still no power. Since going into the shop, the fuel filter and the spark plugs have been changed. Fuel pump pressures were checked and are OK. There was a mouse house (with critters) in the engine compartment, but there aren't any obvious chewed wires. The mechanic is a Porsche-only guy with his own shop and more than twenty-five years of experience, but is really lost on this. Help!! Thanks.

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