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91 C2T Turbo Performance


Vehicle Information: Year: 1991 ; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3L turbo; Total Mileage: 37400;

I have a 1991 c2 turbo with headers and muffler by-pas pipe which I had installed. The previous owner had his shop put a one-bar (.86 actual) spring in the waste gate. Most recently I had a new suspension installed and in the process the intercooler was removed which set off a whole basket of problems. The car started to idle weird and was cutting out. The shop thought the fuel head needed to be adjusted, but it turned out to be intercooler plumbing and a leaky hose. However after replacing those parts, the car was running way rich so they set the car's fuel head on the dyno which produced a modest 277 at the wheels. In past messages you refer to the CO; is this the reason for the car's behavior? Also, the shop mentioned the fuel head being really far off from normal. They adjusted it some, but not too much because they said it would be fine in either driving or idling but not both. They suggested that when the headers were put on the shop also over-compensated for a boost leak (which is now fixed) and adjusted the head based on that. What do you think I should do?The car currently doesn't make any blow off noise and when I am into it (5500-6k RPM's) which it used to no matter what temperature, and engages in either a fuel cut off or boost protection mode when I am driving her hard. Please help me solve this CO nightmare!!! Regards, Drew

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