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911 1968 engine breakin


Vehicle Information: Model: 911L; Year: 1968; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.0 L conversion to 2.3L by Motor Miester; Total Mileage: 150,000;

Motor Meister request that I put 500 miles on the engine for a breakin before I call with any issues. The problem is the engine starts to badly break down at 3000-4000 rpm while driving. The engine accelerates perfectly without a load (neutral) on it, starts easily and immediately, never stalls, has good oil pressure, etc. It is running rich, but they say that the way they want it for the breakin period. The car does backfire, sputter, and sounds like it is spitting inside the carbs--especially the right stack. I have two--three barrel stack webers. I rebuilt the carbs before I sent the engine in for rebuilding and they did additional work on them as well, including new jets etc for the larger engine--I believe.Should I continue to accept the poor performance of the engine or get it retuned before I continue the breakin?Thanks--Richard

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