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911 1969 E difficulty starting when cold


Vehicle Information: Model: 911E; Year: 1969; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2 litre, stock w/ mfi; Total Mileage: 77/000;

I have owned this very well maintained 911 for about a year and over that time it has been progressively getting harder to start the engine.What happens now is that when I turn the key the starter turns the engine but the engine does not fire right away. There is some white smoke from the tailpipe and some fuel smell. If I let the car sit for 30 seconds after turning the ignition each time it seems to start easier, as if the engine is flooding. When it does start it fires slowly and takes about 20 seconds to "clear it's throat". Once the car warms up on the hand throttle it runs perfectly and starts very easily when it's warm. The records indicate the engine and fuel injection hasn't been re-built. I checked the injection starting curcuit and the there is power throughout the circuit. I did find that there is a short to the solenoid on top of the fuel filter that dumps fuel into the stacks to aid in starting. I confirmed that there is no fuel being pumped into the stacks. I did put power to this circuit and it did pump fuel into the stacks but the starting difficulty remained the same. I am now wondering if this is not an injection issue but something else. Do you have any insights as to what may be the problem.ThanksScott

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