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911 1969 Momo steering wheel installation


Vehicle Information: Model: 911T; Year: 1969; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 901/16, originally 2.0 L, now has 2.2 L T P/C & heads; Total Mileage: 208,000;

Noticed in your 8/28/2004 answer to 911 1971 Steering Wheel question that the thin metal brass colored collar has to be attached to the Momo hub. The stock wheel has two countersunk tapped holes that accept small screws (believe they are 4mm/.7 thread)to hold the metal collar on. The Momo hub does not have the holes, do they need to be added. It also appears the tab that returns the turn signal to neutral is on the opposite on the Momo hub and does the tab on the metal collar need to be removed.Thanks for your info over the years.

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