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911 1970 missing valve adjustment retaining nut


Vehicle Information: Model: 911S; Year: 1970; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.2; Total Mileage: >200,000;

The #6 Intake valve rocker arm is missing its retaining nut. I realize that I am responsible for this situation. After adjusting the valves and taking the car for a long drive, there was a lot of noise. I decided to remove the covers and readjust. That is when I noticed the missing retaining nut. So, I surmise that I had not tightened it properly and it had backed off. Have you ever heard of this happening before? I looked in the cam area with a hand mirror and felt around with a finger but could not see it. I dropped the oil sump screen and it was not in there either. Where could it have fallen? I plan to borrow a better mirror for probing in the cam area but what if I cannot find it? Is engine removal the only option?

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